For UW Inventors

WARF helps innovations discovered at UW–Madison change the world. Since 1925, we have helped thousands of patents find real-world applications and have invested more than $2 billion (adjusted for inflation) back into the university to fund more research.

The benefits of WARF

As the official technology transfer office of UW–Madison, all faculty, staff and students must disclose discoveries and inventions to WARF. And that’s a good thing. Our resources and expertise enable your research to benefit society.

  • We work with businesses and startups to find real-world applications for your discoveries.
  • Our experts simplify the patenting and tech transfer process.
  • WARF covers all legal costs.
  • We invest 15% of royalties in your departments to fund future research. Learn more about how the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education distributes this funding.
  • 20% of royalties (before expenses) will go to you.

Few institutions offer such generous returns, or have been as successful placing technologies and defending intellectual property.

WARF’s investment back into campus—tens of millions of dollars per year through grants that provide a margin of excellence—has helped UW–Madison become one of world’s top research universities.

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© Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System