Through Financial Stewardship

WARF exists to benefit UW–Madison

WARF helps steward the cycle of research, discovery, commercialization and investment for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. As an independent, nonprofit organization, WARF serves the university by protecting intellectual property arising from campus labs, licensing these inventions and managing an endowment to advance campus competitiveness.

Through its annual grant to UW–Madison, derived from technology transfer and investment management operations, WARF supports campus competitiveness.

WARF’s investment management activities play an important role by providing a dependable stream of income to ensure the university’s margin of excellence. Today, the endowment — also known as the WARF portfolio — totals more than $2 billion.

Over time, WARF’s operational success has resulted in significant funding to UW–Madison through the annual grant as well as periodic support for major projects approved as special grants. Looking back, these historic grants have helped retain world-class faculty and provided funding for significant building projects and scientific programs that have shaped the university’s research enterprise.  
While WARF’s intellectual property and technology commercialization teams oversee the technology transfer functions, WARF’s investment team works to set investment objectives and strategy to deliver consistent portfolio performance.