WARF Essential Topics Series

2017 Events:

Boardroom Bound

Boost your career and a company’s bottom line through board participation

Board participation is an elusive subject to many, but it particularly affects women. On February 28, WARF assistant general counsel Angela Kujak facilitated a webinar and roundtable discussion on best practices, existing programs and other efforts to demystify the process of being selected and participating on boards.

About the Essential Topics Series

In 2012, WARF launched its Essential Topics Series to share timely information on campus. Presentations have included former U.S. patent commissioner Robert Stoll discussing the America Invents Act; a roundtable on technology ventures featuring SBA leader and UW–Madison grad Winslow Sargeant; and UW–Madison physics professor Sau Lan Wu's description of the July 4, 2012, discovery of the Higgs particle at CERN. Videos of some of the previous Essential Topics lectures are available at www.discovery.wisc.edu.