About the WiSys Technology Foundation

WiSys Technology Foundation works hand in hand with the University of Wisconsin System to support research and technology development, link campus innovators with industry leaders and speed technology transfer through patent and licensing activities.

To achieve its objectives, WiSys manages research and development grants for the UW System, sponsors a variety of public events and provides technology assessment, patent and licensing services at no cost to campus inventors. Through these efforts, WiSys has established a strong portfolio of patented technologies in fields ranging from agriculture to medical devices. These technologies are available for commercial licensing at competitive rates designed to spur entrepreneurial activity and product development.

By connecting innovators from 11 UW System campuses with industry leaders, WiSys works to advance the state's knowledge economy and accelerate business activity in the region. With a focus on the future, WiSys seeks to increase Wisconsin's competitiveness, enrich educational and career opportunities in our communities and energize partnerships that span state government, the university and the private sector.

Established in 2000 as an affiliate of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, WiSys operates as a private nonprofit organization for the benefit of the UW System. For more information, contact WiSys at 608.316.4032 or by email.