Town Center at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Explore. Engage. Discover.

Spanning the main floor of the Discovery Building, the Town Center serves as UW–Madison’s welcoming front door to science. It was designed in the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea as it creates a real connection between the campus and community and invites people from all walks of life — from school groups to seniors — to explore, engage and discover the research and innovation that takes place at UW–Madison through events, activities, demonstrations, lectures, performances, field trips and more.

The Town Center’s design is as innovative as the scientific community it serves and visitors will find ample opportunity for hands-on learning as they explore the discovery niches, teaching labs and interactive displays.

WARF manages the Town Center for the benefit of stakeholders including: the building’s twin research institutes, the private Morgridge Institute for Research and public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery; the UW–Madison campus; WARF and its affiliates; and the broader community. The Town Center aligns with WARF's mission to promote and encourage scientific investigation and research.

Through strong partnerships with a growing number of campus partners, WARF is expanding its technology transfer activities to include presentations, workshops, symposia and numerous other opportunities to create connections between UW–Madison researchers and the business community. The Town Center also is home to the Entrepreneurs’ Resource Clinic, which features regular opportunities to engage with experts in numerous aspects of the technology commercialization process.

Visit the Town Center
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