Innovation and the Wisconsin Idea

UW/Industry Partnerships Yield Better Solutions
Innovation equals solution building and is best achieved when teams include partners from universities and industry. That is the story shared by UW–Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Dean Kate VandenBosch and Denmark, Wisconsin-based CEO Chris Salm who offer examples of recent innovations improving food, nutrition and health. These innovations were made possible by collaborative energy from UW and industry partners. Read more >>

Christopher Salm
Kathryn VandenBosch

Wisconsin agriculture is making big news. As we embark on new global partnerships and get set to break fresh ground, let’s take a moment to reflect on the Wisconsin Idea. One of the principles of this idea is that university accomplishments can change lives across our state and have an impact on society.

Daniel Ludois
Cecil Edirisinghe

More than a century ago, Wisconsin served as the birthplace for a series of blue chip industrial giants. The likes of Harley-Davidson and Johnson Controls, or engine makers like Fairbanks Morse and Briggs & Stratton, were the bold startups of the day.

Gov. Tommy Thompson
Prof. Michael Sussman

We first met two decades ago – a Republican governor from the small town of Elroy, Wisconsin, and a Democrat University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of biochemistry from New York.

Erik Iverson

From the moment I arrived in Wisconsin last year, I loved the familiar energy, intellect and passion for doing things well. I was happy to return to my Midwestern roots to become the managing director of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).