From Milwaukee

  1. Traveling from Milwaukee on I-94, exit onto I-90E (Janesville exit) as you approach Madison.
  2. From I-90E take exit 142A to Hwy 12/18 W (West Beltline Hwy).
  3. From Hwy 12/18, exit onto Park St. Follow Park St. north to University Ave. Turn left onto University.
  4. After passing through campus, University splits with Campus Drive. Stay on University, which requires a left exit at the split with Campus Drive.
  5. Turn right onto Walnut St. (intersection is marked by a stoplight and a gas station). The WARF building (614 Walnut St.) is a 14-story building on the left side of the street.
  6. Park on the south side of the building in the lot identified as Lot 65. Park in the spaces closest to the building, which are outlined in blue paint.