hERG Cell Lines

Photo by UW-Madison, University Communications
Photo by UW-Madison, University Communications
hERG (human eag-related gene), first identified by UW–Madison researchers, encodes the primary component of potassium channels underlying IKr, which is critical for maintaining normal cardiac rhythm. As unintended block of hERG channel activity by drugs can lead to potentially fatal arrhythmias, hERG expression systems are a useful early screen in drug development.

To download a template of our standard hERG license agreements, please follow the steps below.

1. Decide what your company will be using the cells for: internal research and in-house screening OR commercial screening for clients.

2. Download a template agreement from the two choices below.

In-House Screening (MS Word Doc)

Commercial Screening (MS Word Doc)

3. Read the template. If you agree to the terms as stated, print the template, fill in the required information and mail it to:

Jennifer Gottwald, Licensing Manager
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)
614 Walnut Street, 13th floor
Madison, WI 53726

We then can quickly execute the agreement, and the cells will be shipped to you immediately upon payment.

If there are points you would like to negotiate after reviewing the template, contact Jennifer Gottwald. We'll be happy to work with you toward a mutually agreeable license.

4. Please read this important note: The hERG materials include a CMV promoter developed at the University of Iowa. The CMV promoter is covered by U.S. Patents 5,168,062 and 5,385,839 and its use is permitted for research purposes only. Any other use of the CMV promoter requires a license from the University of Iowa Research Foundation, 214 Technology Innovation Center, Iowa City, IA 52242.

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