Print & Sign Licenses

Some of WARF's technologies are available through Print & Sign licenses that contain predetermined standard terms and conditions.

The conditions and financial terms of the Print & Sign licenses apply only to the specific technology listed, and only when the prospective licensee signs the agreement in its original form and returns it to WARF with the payment. If you have a unique circumstance that requires you to negotiate the agreement, please contact WARF at

To execute one of these licenses:

  1. Complete all fields on the form.
  2. Print the agreement and have it signed by an authorized signatory for your organization.
  3. Mail it, along with the required payment (payable to WARF), to:

    Emily Bauer, Licensing Manager

    Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

    614 Walnut St., 13th floor

    Madison, WI 53726


Once it is signed by our director, we will return a copy of the executed agreement for your files.