Business Plan

Your business plan is the vehicle for you to explain the thinking and strategy behind your new company. WARF will use this document as its primary source for determining the viability of your plans.

In reviewing your business plan, WARF will expect to see answers to several key questions, such as:

  • What problem will your company solve?
  • What value does your startup company bring to the technology you hope to license?
  • What are your company's products?
  • What are the expected markets for these products and the size of the markets?
  • Who are the company's anticipated customers? Why will they buy and have they been contacted to assist in product design?
  • Who are your company's competitors or potential competitors in these markets?
  • What is your process and timeline for developing the products?
  • Who will manage the company and what is their relevant experience?
  • How much capital is needed to get a product to market and, if an equity license is involved, what is the anticipated pre-money value of the company at each round of financing?
  • What are your financial projections for the first five years of company operation?
  • What is the company's exit plan?

After you have completed your business plan, submit it along with a completed startup application form (see below) to your licensing manager for review by WARF. You also must establish your company as a legal entity before WARF can enter into license and equity agreements with you.

View WARF's startup company application form

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