WARF Therapeutics


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Deadline for fall project review: October 15; board review date is TBD

WARF Therapeutics Process and Program Submission


  • PI and WARF Therapeutics team meet regularly to review program data, identify gaps and plan next steps

Submission Process

  • PI submits IDR and “Program Nomination Form” after target discovery/validation; a patent or patent application is not needed to apply to WARF Therapeutics

Instructions for submitting the Program Nomination Form:

  • Download a blank version of the Program Nomination Form by right clicking the Program Nomination Form - Blank link and choosing "save as." The PowerPoint will appear like any other download. Update the PowerPoint with your information and email your completed version to Jon Young at jyoung@warf.org. Please cc Lori Allen at lallen@warf.org.
  • If you would like to view a version of the Program Nomination Form that includes instructions, right click the Program Nomination Form - Instructions link and choose "save as." The PowerPoint will appear like any other download.

Post Submission Process

After the WARF Therapeutics team receives a Program Nomination Form and IDR, the following steps will occur:
  1. Formal presentation made to Scientific Advisory Board
  2. Program decision and prioritization
If program is accepted
  • PI and WARF team will work together
  • Develop work plan, go/no go decisions and timelines
  • Discuss and agree on public disclosure/publication plan
  • Determine model, allocate resources
If program is not accepted
  • WARF will provide feedback and rationale
  • WARF will suggest experiments that could increase chance of acceptance

For business questions, contact John Nagel or Rafael Diaz. If you are a PI interested in submitting your work to the program or talking through next steps, contact Jon Young. You do not need to have a patent, we are interested in talking with you about a new target early in your process.