WARF Therapeutics


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Perks for WARF Therapeutics Researchers

WARF is committed to this strategic initiative that partners with PIs from UW-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. This partnership and investment will move validated targets to a high value developed chemical asset accompanied by a compelling preclinical data package.

  • Improve the value proposition of drug candidates to heighten the likelihood of commercialization
  • Potential for NIH grant funding (near-term) and inventor or innovator shares (long-term) if licensed
  • Ultimately deliver novel medicines to patients with unmet medical needs
  • Continue UW’s legacy of drug discovery innovation

For business questions, contact John Nagel or Rafael Diaz. If you are a PI interested in submitting your work to the program or talking through next steps, contact Jon Young. You do not need to have a patent, we are interested in talking with you about a new target early in your process.