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WARF Therapeutics Drug Discovery Seminar Series

WARF Therapeutics is proud to partner with several departments to offer seminar series events to bring in national experts who will share their translational drug discovery experience with campus.

If you are interested in drug discovery, please join us at any of these events.


Noon – 1 p.m. | Waisman Center
Featured Speaker Kapi Bharti, PhD, Senior Investigator leading the Ocular and Stem Cell Translational Research Unit, National Eye Institute Bharti will share how his lab focuses on developing in vitro disease models, setting up high throughput drug screens and developing cell-based therapy for retinal degenerative diseases.


Noon – 1 p.m. | Waisman Center
Craig Erickson, MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Dr. Erickson’s group carries out preclinical and clinical research to develop new targeted drug treatments in developmental disabilities (autism spectrum disorders, Fragile X syndrome, and Angelman syndrome). He is a leading expert in conducting clinical trials in individuals with Fragile X.