WARF in the News

WARF investment fund signals new tack in effort to grow adoption of UW–Madison technologies

9.17.19 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum
A six-figure investment in a Wisconsin startup marks the latest effort by WARF to adapt to the changing innovation landscape.

Bid to flip Apple ruling seeks to check patent court’s power

7.15.19 | Bloomberg Law | Ian Lopez
A bid to revive a $506 million judgment against Apple Inc. could help set boundaries on how far the nation’s top patent court can go in reviewing lower court decisions.

Despite the financial risks, new drug discovery vehicles proliferate on campus

6.19.19 | Technology Transfer Tactics
There is nothing like a big hit in the pharmaceutical space to put a university’s long-range plans for new research and infrastructure on a solid footing.

UW–Madison and WARF again rank high in patents

6.4.19 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum
A survey of the world’s top universities placed the University of Wisconsin–Madison as the seventh-greatest source of U.S. patents.

Double dipping: Dual-action ‘slippery’ catheter fights bacteria

5.10.19 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum
A super-slippery coating being developed at a University of Wisconsin–Madison lab could benefit medical catheters, factory equipment, and even someday, oil tankers.

UW2020 Round 5 Projects: Quantum emitters to food safety

5.9.19 | UW–Madison | Natasha Kassulke
Seventeen projects have been chosen for Round 5 of the UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative.

Social Problems Initiative projects selected

5.7.19 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke
Five projects have been chosen for funding as part of the UW–Madison Contemporary Social Problems Initiative.

Faculty receive WARF, Kellett, Romnes awards

5.2.19 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke
Thirty-two members of the University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty have been awarded 2019-20 faculty fellowships.

Third round of cluster hires announced

4.26.19 | UW–Madison News | Käri Knutson
Data responsibility, freshwater sustainability, polar change research. These are among the important topics UW–Madison’s latest round of cluster hires addresses.

Doctor’s brainstorm being realized at UW-Madison spinoff

3.14.19 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum
The mother of invention visited Nicholas Von Bergen while he was caring for a newborn in the pediatric intensive care unit at American Family Children’s Hospital.