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UW System is major driver of the Wisconsin economy

8.15.18 | UW System News
New study shows UW System offers a $23 return on every dollar invested by the state.

Competition attracts future grants, jump starts research and student careers

8.14.18 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke
UW–Madison faculty and staff recipients of Fall Research Competition awards are thankful for the funding to help them acquire the resources they need to engage in their research.

Nanoparticles improve tumor treatment in mice

7.25.18 | UW–Madison News | Eric Hamilton
In the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy is a cleaver, not a scalpel.

Data Science Initiative supports faculty research at UW–Madison

7.17.18 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke
Ten highly innovative projects have been chosen to receive UW–Madison Data Science Initiative funding.

Study points researchers toward new therapies for fragile X syndrome

6.28.18 | UW–Madison News | Adityarup “Rup” Chakravorty
New insights into the molecular machinations behind fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited intellectual disability, may help researchers develop potential therapies.

‘Stealth sheet’ hides hot objects from prying infrared eyes

6.20.18 | College of Engineering News | Sam Million-Weaver
Infrared cameras are the heat-sensing eyes that help drones find their targets, even in the dead of night or through heavy fog.

New material could improve LEDs, solar cells, optical sensors

6.18.18 | UW–Madison News | Sam Million-Weaver
Place a chunk of the clear mineral Iceland spar on top of an image and suddenly you’ll see double, thanks to a phenomenon called double refraction.

Intraband licenses key WARF technology for defense and industrial applications

6.11.18 | Business Wire
Intraband, a mid-infrared laser manufacturer, announces an exclusive licensing agreement with WARF covering high reliability and power per chip QCL technologies.

Top 100 worldwide universities granted U.S. utility patents in 2017 announced

6.5.18 | National Academy of Inventors
Top university patent holders revealed in report authored by the NAI and IPO.

Wild Wisconsin yeast find their way into bread, beer, and class

5.23.18 | UW–Madison News | Eric Hamilton
Your next bite of local bread or gulp of Madison beer might just have a little piece of Sheboygan in it. Sheboygan yeast, anyway.