WARF in the News

Bio-renewable process could help ‘green’ plastic

1.19.18 | UW–Madison News | Krista Eastman
When John Wesley Hyatt patented the first industrial plastic in 1869, his intention was to create an alternative to the elephant tusk ivory used to make piano keys.

Bringing cheap and accurate tuberculosis tests to Africa

1.18.18 | UW–Madison News | Silke Schmidt
Since the 1970s, millions of women have appreciated the ease of a urine-based home pregnancy test to find out if their family is about to grow.

UW-Madison scientists develop method for treating fungal infections

1.18.18 | WisBusiness | Alex Moe
UW-Madison scientists have developed a new method using nylon polymers to treat fungal infections.

As influenza looms, Madison firm advances human trials of revolutionary vaccine

1.17.18 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum
Amid predictions that this year’s flu vaccine will offer limited protection, medical researchers are renewing their focus on a universal flu vaccine.

After gBETA, UW professor’s latest startup aims to ride chatbot wave

12.18.17 | Xconomy | Jeff Buchanan
Virtual assistants have come a long way in the two decades since Microsoft introduced Clippit.

D2P shifts focus, as fund for investing in UW entrepreneurs dries up

12.14.17 | Xconomy | Jeff Buchanan
Since its launch four years ago, a UW-Madison program has been working with students, faculty, and staff at the school to turn their ideas into startup companies.

Medicinal Chemistry Center moves drug discovery forward

12.7.17 | School of Pharmacy News | Kara Rogers
The early phase of drug discovery is seemingly straight-forward: screen molecules for biological activity, validate screening hits, design and synthesize novel drug molecules for testing in cells and animals.

UW-Madison’s research ranking matters

12.6.17 | Blank's Slate | Rebecca Blank
Last month, the National Science Foundation released its FY2016 Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Survey results.

WARF Managing Director Erik Iverson joins WiSys Board of Trustees

12.6.17 | WiSyS News | Bri Maas
Erik Iverson, managing director of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), has joined the WiSys Board of Trustees.

Designer molecule points to treatment for diseases caused by DNA repeats

11.30.17 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum
Using a molecule designed to overcome a roadblock formed by a common type of genetic flaw, researchers at UW–Madison have made progress towards novel molecular treatments for Friedreich’s ataxia.