WARF in the News

Revolutionary insulator-like material also conducts electricity

11.29.18 | UW–Madison News | Sam Million-Weaver

UW–Madison retains research ranking

11.20.18 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke

Patents, licensing open the door to life-altering research and therapies

11.18.18 | Wisconsin State Journal | Andy DeTienne

Need to talk to your data? UW-Madison spinoff is happy to translate

11.13.18 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum

Madison's Thanksgiving Day good run

11.1.18 | Madison Magazine | Brennan Nardi

Madison research startup aiming to de-stress fish

10.18.18 | WisBusiness.com | Alex Moe

InsideWis: Fear of technology not new, but history says humans prevail

9.20.18 | Wisconsin Technology Council | Tom Still

Construction begins on $133 million revamp of Chemistry Building

9.17.18 | UW–Madison News | Eric Hamilton

UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative is open for round five proposals

9.11.18 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke

New round of ‘cluster hires’ announced

9.6.18 | UW–Madison New | Käri Knutson

UW-La Crosse professor inspires innovation

8.26.18 | La Crosse Tribune

Mentorship program worth its weight in gold for Wisconsin startups

8.23.18 | Office of Business Engagement News | David Tenenbaum

Nanoparticles improve tumor treatment in mice

7.25.18 | UW–Madison News | Eric Hamilton

Data Science Initiative supports faculty research at UW–Madison

7.17.18 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke

Study points researchers toward new therapies for fragile X syndrome

6.28.18 | UW–Madison News | Adityarup “Rup” Chakravorty

‘Stealth sheet’ hides hot objects from prying infrared eyes

6.20.18 | College of Engineering News | Sam Million-Weaver

New material could improve LEDs, solar cells, optical sensors

6.18.18 | UW–Madison News | Sam Million-Weaver

Wild Wisconsin yeast find their way into bread, beer, and class

5.23.18 | UW–Madison News | Eric Hamilton

Morgridge Institute announces Rowe Center for Research in Virology

5.17.18 | Morgridge Institute | Megan Costello

Ab E breaks ground in Waterloo for manufacturing headquarters

5.11.18 | Daily Jefferson County Union | Diane Graff

Metastasis enablers: Findings could unlock new ovarian cancer treatments

5.8.18 | College of Engineering News | Tom Ziemer

UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative welcomes a new round of awards

5.3.18 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke

Future wearables could tell us how we power human movement

4.23.18 | College of Engineering News | Adam Malecek

Curious Madisonian still innovating 35 years after graduation

4.20.18 | UW–Madison News | David Tenenbaum

UW’s Discovery to Product welcomes a new director

4.3.18 | UW–Madison News | Natasha Kassulke

BTP inspires Daniel Agnew to pursue career as patent agent

3.1.18 | Biotechnology Training Program News

Serial innovator Jack Ma cites collaboration as key to his success

3.1.18 | College of Engineering News | Natasha Kassulke

Improving cancer diagnosis and treatment

2.23.18 | School of Pharmacy News | Katie Ginder-Vogel

UW-Madison announces six new ‘cluster hire’ initiatives

2.13.18 | UW–Madison News | Käri Knutson

Beyond silicon: Researchers solve a materials mystery

2.5.18 | UW–Madison News | Renee Meiller

The doc sets the goal, then ‘Digital Intern’ goes to work

2.1.18 | UW–Madison New | David Tenenbaum

Data guru says Wisconsin startup stats are strong

2.1.18 | WisBusiness | Brian E. Clark

Bio-renewable process could help ‘green’ plastic

1.19.18 | UW–Madison News | Krista Eastman

Bringing cheap and accurate tuberculosis tests to Africa

1.18.18 | UW–Madison News | Silke Schmidt