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Cycle of Innovation

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2015 WARF Innovation Awards

Celebration of 90 Years of Partnership and Counting | 9.28.15

Biomedical Research Makes a Difference - Austin's Story

Biomedical Research Makes a Difference - Mary Jo's Story

WARF: Investing in UW–Madison Research Success

Technology Transfer in Action

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation works to speed the transfer of technology from university laboratories to benefit society in a variety of ways. These videos highlight WARF's efforts to support innovation on campus, engage with industry and encourage entrepreneurship. The process of technology transfer ultimately aids scientific investigation and research at UW–Madison as the proceeds from licensing activities are shared with campus inventors, their departments and the university as a whole.

The NeuWave Story: Faculty Collaboration Leads to Improved Patient Care

Engineer Dan van der Weide and radiologist Fred Lee developed a new device that uses precisely focused microwaves to eliminate hard-to-treat tumors in patients with liver, lung and other cancers. After patenting the invention through WARF, they licensed the technology and started their own company, NeuWave Medical. Their first product has already helped patients in leading teaching and research hospitals around the nation.

Read the whole story in the WARF Winter 2011 Discovery Bulletin.

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