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Colorful New Table Beets


Irwin Goldman, Dwight "Nick" Breitbach, Beth Ann Workmaster

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in developing three unique varieties of beets with bright swirling pigmentation.
OVERVIEWMost table beets (Beta vulgaris) grown in the U.S. for fresh eating and processing are solid red in appearance. Beets with unusual features, such as cylindrical roots and striped ‘Chioggia’ patterning, have been available for several years and remain highly popular.

The modern surge in home gardening and locally grown produce has created new markets for unique and attractive vegetables.
THE INVENTIONUW–Madison researchers have developed novel beet varieties called Badger Torch, Badger Sunset and Badger Flame. They are characterized by alternating red and yellow/orange rings and elongated/cylindrical shapes.

The plants have multigerm seeds, smooth orange skin, small crowns and green leaves with yellow petioles. The three varieties appear similar, but differ in root shape, color and tissue striping.

The new varieties were developed as part of the University of Wisconsin Table Beet Breeding Program. They are open-pollinated.

Seed is available for purchase from:
High Mowing Seeds
Row 7 Seeds
  • Beets for fresh market and seed production
  • Attractive, one-of-a-kind coloration and shape
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Contact Information
For current licensing status, please contact Emily Bauer at or 608-960-9842.

The interior of the colorful new beets. The interior of the colorful new beets.

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