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Fill-In Forms Software


Robin Berglund, Sergei Bezroukov

OVERVIEWMany offices today keep a typewriter in order to fill out miscellaneous forms, because there is no universally accessible software that makes filling in forms easy. There is an acute need for an application of this sort in cases where multiple languages, non-standard symbolism, or standardized forms are needed.
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITYResearchers at the University of Wisconsin – Superior have developed a web-based utility that allows a user to fill in data forms, but the program doesn’t require the form(s) to have been generated by a programmer other software program. The original form exists on the web-server as a simple graphical image, and the program then allows the user to fill in the form using an overlay technique, producing a finished document in Adobe PDF format by combining entered data with the original document image. Other tools on the market, such as Adobe’s Professional PDF, allow one to fill in forms in PDF format, but the tool is rather pricy for the occasional user and is not universally available. This software can utilize forms originating from computer document files, spread sheets, scanned images, photos or images from graphics or imaging software. This technology can be especially helpful when multiple languages, non-standard symbolism, or standardized forms are necessary, such as in international business, science and engineering, or government.
  • Easily fill-in forms on a computer rather than by hand
  • Universally available via internet
  • Low cost makes it applicable to occasional user
  • Uses an overlay of original form to create Adobe PDF of finalized document
  • Allows for multiple languages, non-standard symbols, and efficient completion of standardized forms
Contact Information
For current licensing status, please contact Arjun Sanga at or (608) 316-4015.
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