Pharmaceuticals & Vitamin D : Reproduction & infertility


Protecting Ovaries from Chemotherapy Damage Using Proteasome Inhibitors

UW–Madison researchers have developed a method to reduce ovarian damage in cancer patients by administering a proteasome inhibitor prior to chemotherapy.

The inhibitors work by binding to a cell’s proteasome –the large complex of enzymes found in the cytoplasm that degrades and disposes old proteins. This binding action blocks chemotherapeutic agents from invading the cell nucleus.

To shield ovaries from chemotherapy toxicity, an effective dose of a proteasome inhibitor like bortezomib (Bort) or MG-132 is injected about an hour before treatment.

Preventing and Treating Pregnancy Hypertension with CLA Supplement

UW–Madison researchers have developed a method to treat and prevent PIH, and therefore reduce the risk of preterm birth, using conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as a health supplement. CLA is an unsaturated fatty acid found mainly in cow’s milk and other animal products. CLA currently is used at high doses to reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass, but lower doses should be therapeutic to PIH without these side effects.

Women diagnosed with PIH or at risk of preeclampsia could take a safe and effective amount of the CLA isomer t10:c12 as a pill, injection, prenatal vitamin, enriched dairy product or other form. This would apply both to women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.