WARF: P01289US

Cranberry Variety Trade Named "HyRed"


Brent McCown, Eric Zeldin, Peter Normington

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in an early-maturing, high-color cranberry variety.
OVERVIEWRed pigment content is a valuable trait in cranberries. In regions with short growing seasons, such as Wisconsin, cranberries contain less pigment than those from regions with longer growing seasons.
THE INVENTIONUW-Madison researchers have developed a new and distinct variety of cranberry with the trade name ‘HyRed,’ which is an early-maturing, high-color cranberry hybrid. HyRed is of value in all agricultural regions, but is particularly suitable for regions with short growing seasons. This variety is derived from a cross between the ‘Stevens’ variety and an assortment of seedlings from the ‘Ben Lear’ selection designated as Ben Lear No. 8. The short seasonal maturity of this hybrid allows farmers in regions with colder fall weather to harvest their cranberries after full development of fruit color. In other agricultural regions, the early coloration allows an extension of the harvest season.

Growers interested in this cranberry variety should license the variety from WARF and obtain vines from one of the approved propagators listed below. The license between WARF and the grower must be in place before vines can be obtained.
  • Cranberry Creek Cranberries Inc.
  • Dempze Cranberry Co.
  • Evergreen Nursery Co. Inc
  • Fanning Cranberry Co.
  • Robert A. Donaldson
  • Cranberry production, particularly in regions with short growing seasons
  • Contains significantly higher red pigment than other commercial varieties, bringing additional premiums when sold to processors
  • Short seasonal maturity reduces the risk of crop damage due to unpredictable late-season weather events.
  • Excellent vigor
  • Yield is comparable to other commercial varieties.
  • Yields are stable between seasons because of a high capacity to set flower buds on fruiting uprights.
  • Develops good coloration when deeply covered within the vine mat, resulting in a more uniformly pigmented harvest
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For current licensing status, please contact Emily Bauer at or 608-960-9842.
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