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Information Technology
Information Technology
A Novel Method for Detecting Computer Viruses
WARF: P03146US

Inventors: Somesh Jha, Mihai Christodorescu

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in developing a novel approach to identifying malicious portions in a suspect computer program.
In the interconnected world of computers, malicious programs such as viruses have become an omnipresent and dangerous threat.
The Invention
UW-Madison researchers have developed a novel approach to identifying malicious portions in a suspect computer program. The approach is able to detect malicious code that has been obfuscated, or disguised, by examining the function of the code rather than its “expression” as a string of instructions.

This functional analysis is made possible by a preprocessor that receives the suspect computer program and converts the program instructions into a standard form denoting their function. A detector reviews the standardized version of the suspect program against a library of standardized malicious code portions and indicates when malicious code is present in the suspect program.
  • Detection of malicious software
Key Benefits
  • Works with binary executables, the typical form in which infected programs are received
  • Sensitive to the function of the malicious code, while largely indifferent to its expression
  • Largely indifferent to code transposition and dead code insertion
  • Can exploit conventional tools and techniques used for program analysis
  • Provides a unique functional expression of code that may be used to provide effective functional analysis
  • Shows decreased sensitivity to particular register or memory locations
  • Provides a simple mechanism for generating a standardized version that can be readily supplemented as new functional equivalents or methods of obfuscation are discovered
  • Easily implemented and augmented
  • Easily added to other detection systems for further analysis of the identified malicious code portion
Additional Information
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