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Immunoaffinity Chromatography Using Epitope Tags To Polyol-responsive Monoclonal Antibodies
WARF: P04290US

Inventors: Richard Burgess, Nancy Thompson, Sarah Duellman

The Invention
Disclosed is a method of isolating, purifying, or concentrating a target compound. The method includes the steps of onjugating the target compound to an epitope for a polyol-responsive monoclonal antibody (PR-mAb) to yield a conjugate; and then contacting the conjugate to an immunoaffinity matrix comprising a PR-mAb specifically reactive with the PR-mAb epitope. Preferred epitopes for use in the method include amino acids of from 4 to about 30 amino acids, wherein the amino acid sequence comprises the sub-sequence D-X-S-R, (where X is any natural or unnatural amino acid), such as TKDPSRVG and TQDPSRVG. Additional epitopes for use in the method include SLAELLNGLGGS and PTSPSYSPTSPSYS. The method enables the rapid isolation of desired target compounds under gentle purification conditions.
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