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Selection Of Patients With Increased Responsiveness To Botulinum Toxin
WARF: P05052US

Inventors: Gary Borodic

The Invention
Botulinum toxin has been shown to be useful for the treatment of pain when administered for cervical dystonia. Given efficacy for pain relief in regional dystonia, further expanded applications have included myofascial pain, muscle tension headaches, and other forms of headache syndromes. The application in headache practice has expanded to migraine as well as certain secondary headache syndromes. Although multiple case reports involving the use of botulinum toxin have shown promise in its utility for the treatment of primary pain syndromes, to date, controlled trials have failed to consistently and more definitively prove utility. Described herein is a method for selection of patients with headache syndromes more likely to respond to botulinum administration. The method involves identifying coincident diseases and signs within the patient's medical history, and selecting such patients for induction into clinical studies for pain or preferential primary treatment of pain using a botulinum based pharmaceutical.
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