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Improved Pharmaceutical Botulinum Toxin Compositions
WARF: P05057US

Inventors: Gary Borodic

The Invention
Botulinum toxin, a well know systemic poison, produces favorable therapeutic effect by virtue of regionally attaching to nerves within the myoneural junction and possibly other tissues in a target region of a particular tissue. The present invention provides compositions of botulinum toxin and a sequestration agent that increase sequestration and delivery of the botulinum toxin to neural and associated tissues, as compared with available formulations of botulinum toxins, and thereby produce a beneficial clinical effect. The sequestration agents of the present invention include proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. A preferred composition of the present invention comprises a botulinum toxin and an albumin. The present invention also provides methods of treating neuromuscular diseases and pain using the disclosed compositions and methods of making the disclosed compositions.
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