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TTNPB Analogs Useful for Preventing or Treating Cancer
WARF: P05114US

Inventors: Margaret Clagett-Dame, Robert Curley, Michael Collins, Victoria Abzianidze

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in developing retinoic acid analogs with reduced toxicity for the treatment of cancer.
Retinoic acid and a number of its analogs have shown some ability to prevent and treat cancer. One of the most potent is 4-[(E)-2-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-2-napthalenyl)-1-propenyl]benzoic acid, or TTNPB. However, toxicity has been a significant obstacle to the development of these compounds.
The Invention
UW-Madison researchers have developed less toxic TTNPB analogs for the prevention or treatment of breast cancer. One such analog, 4-HBTTNPB, inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells. Because it binds poorly to the retinoic acid receptor and the retinoic X receptor, it is less likely to cause adverse side effects than TTNPB.
  • Prevention or treatment of cancer, including breast cancer
Key Benefits
  • Stable and easy to synthesize
  • Likely to have fewer side effects
Stage of Development
The development of this technology was supported by WARF Accelerator. WARF Accelerator selects WARF's most commercially promising technologies and provides expert assistance and funding to enable achievement of commercially significant milestones. WARF believes that these technologies are especially attractive opportunities for licensing.
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For current licensing status, please contact Rafael Diaz at [javascript protected email address] or 608-960-9847