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Self-compatible, Robust, Rapid-cycling Brassica Rapa Lines For Teaching Classical, Molecular, Develo
WARF: P06234US02

Inventors: Richard Amasino, Scott Woody

The Invention
The invention provides Brassica rapa plants and seeds thereof that are self-compatible, rapid-cycling and lack inbreeding depression. For instance, the invention provides plants and seeds of the Brassica rapa line designated B3. The invention thus relates to plants, seeds and tissue cultures of Brassica rapa plants that are self-compatible, rapid-cycling and lack inbreeding depression, such as Brassica rapa line B3, and methods to produce and propagate said plants by crossing such a Brassica rapa plant with itself, or another Brassica rapa plant. The invention further relates to seeds and plants produced by such crossing. Educational materials, such as a kit comprising said Brassica rapa plants are also provided by the invention.
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