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1alpha-hydroxy-2-(3'-hydroxypropylidene)-19-nor-vitamin D Compounds And Methods Of Making And Treatm
WARF: P06338US

Inventors: Hector DeLuca, Lori Plum, Margaret Clagett-Dame, Agnieszka Glebocka, Rafal Sicinski

The Invention
Disclosed are 1α-hydroxy-2-(3′-hydroxypropylidene)-19-nor-vitamin D compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of making and treatment thereof. The compounds are generally directed to biologically active 2-alkylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds and analogs thereof characterized by the presence of a 3′-hydroxypropylidene moiety at C-2 and the presence of an abbreviated alkyl side-chain free of any hydroxyl moiety.
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