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Inorganic Coatings For The Enhancement Of Chemical Transfection
WARF: P150078US01

Inventors: William Murphy, Andrew Khalil, Xiaohua Yu, Krishanu Saha, Jared Carlson-Stevermer, Benjamin Steyer

The Invention
Disclosed are methods for cell transfection and regulating cellular behavior. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to methods of non-viral cell transfection and regulating cellular behavior using mineral coatings that allow for the enhanced transfection of cells with reduced cytotoxicity. The mineral coatings bind biomaterials and provide a source of calcium and phosphate ions to enhance transfection. The present disclosure also provides a high throughput platform for screening non-viral transfection of cells. The methods of the present disclosure also provide an advantageous biomaterial delivery platform because the mineral coatings may be deposited on various medical device materials after being specifically developed using the high throughput screening platform.
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