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Device For Camouflaging An Object From Infrared And Low Light Cameras
WARF: P160392US01

Inventors: Hongrui Jiang, Seyyed Mohammad Moghimi, Guangyun Lin

The Invention
A device is provided for camouflaging an object from an infrared detection apparatus. The device includes a cloak positionable between the object and the infrared detection apparatus. The cloak includes a layer of infrared absorptive material including a plurality of silicon nanowires. A flexible substrate has a first surface operatively connected to an inner surface of the layer. The substrate includes a heat dissipation arrangement for dissipating heat generated by the cloak during operation. An array of infrared emitters is operatively connected to a second surface of the substrate. The array of infrared emitters selectively radiates an infrared pattern to disguise the object to the infrared detection apparatus.
Additional Information
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