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Unbiased Dna Methylation Markers Define An Extensive Field Defect In Histologically Normal Prostate Tissues Associated With Prostate Cancer: New Biomarkers For Men With Prostate Cancer
WARF: P170024US02

Inventors: David Jarrard, Bing Yang

The Invention
A method of detecting the presence of a prostate cancer field defect in a human subject comprising the step of (a) obtaining genomic DNA from the human subject and (b) quantitating methylation in at least one target region selected from the group consisting of PLA2G16, CAV1, EVX1, MCF2L, FGF1, NCR2 and WNT2 and EXT1 and SPAG4 target, wherein significant methylation changes indicate the presence of prostate cancer or a prostate cancer field defect, wherein the change is relative to tissue from a second human subject who does not have prostate cancer.
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