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Spray Methods For Coating Nuclear Fuel Rods To Add Corrosion Resistant Barrier
WARF: P170084US02

Inventors: Kumar Sridharan, Benjamin Maier, Greg Johnson, Edward Lahoda, Zeses Karoutas, Sumit Ray, Simon Middleburgh, Peng Xu

The Invention
A method is described herein for coating the substrate of a component for use in a water cooled nuclear reactor to provide a barrier against corrosion. The method includes providing a zirconium alloy substrate; and coating the substrate with particles selected from the group consisting of metal oxides, metal nitrides, FeCrAl, FeCrAlY, and high entropy alloys. Depending on the metal alloy chosen for the coating material, a cold spray or a plasma arc spray process may be employed for depositing various particles onto the substrate. An interlayer of a different material, such as a Mo, Nb, Ta, or W transition metal or a high entropy alloy, may be positioned in between the Zr-alloy substrate and corrosion barrier layer.
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