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Method Of Determining The Efficacy Of Antimicrobials
WARF: P170242US02

Inventors: Mark Cook, Daniel Butz, Ann O'Rourke

The Invention
A method of determining efficacy of an antimicrobial treatment in a subject includes calculating a breath delta value (BDV) for each of at least six breath samples acquired from the subject over a 24 hour period starting from when the subject has been administered the antimicrobial treatment, calculating a mean standard deviation of BDV (SD BDV) across the six or more breath samples; and determining that the antimicrobial treatment is effective when the SD BDV is less than or equal to 0.46, or determining that the antimicrobial treatment is ineffective when the SD BDV is greater than 0.46. Also included are methods of treating a subject in need of antimicrobial treatment.
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