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Clean Technology
Clean Technology
Flow-Based Cathode With Immobilized Non-Platinum Transition Metal Redox Catalyst
WARF: P180011US02

Inventors: Shannon Stahl, Sourav Biswas, Colin Anson, Yuliya Preger, Thatcher Root

The Invention
Cathodic half-cells for the electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen are disclosed. Within the half-cell, a redox catalyst containing one or more non-Pt transition metals attached to a solid support (i.e., a “heterogenized” non-Pt transition metal-containing catalyst) is separate from and not in direct contact with the cathode electrode. In use, both the cathode electrode and the redox catalyst are in contact with an electrolyte solution that also contains a redox mediator. The oxidized form of the redox mediator is reduced at the cathode electrode, and the resulting reduced form migrates to the redox catalyst, where the mediator is oxidized back to its oxidized form, while oxygen is simultaneously reduced. The oxidized form of the redox mediator then migrates back to the cathode electrode, where the process is repeated. The disclosed cathodic half-cells can be used in combination with an anode half-cell in a variety of different electrochemical cells, such as in fuel cells or in electrosynthetic cells.
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