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Information Technology
Information Technology
Systems, Methods And, Media For Automatically Identifying Entrepreneurs In A Population Using Individual And Population Level Secondary Data
WARF: P180317US02

Inventors: Jonathan Eckhardt, Bekhzod Khoshimov, Brent Goldfarb

The Invention
In some embodiments, systems, methods, and media for automatically identifying entrepreneurial individuals in a population using individual and population level data are provided. In some embodiments, a system is provided, comprising: a database storing: grades and identifying information for classes; a hardware processor configured to: calculate, for each class, a difficulty value based on the grade for each individual; modify grades associated with the individual based on the difficulties; determine a variance using the modified grades; determine an average variance; determine that the variance for a first individual is larger average; determine that the first individual is more likely than average to be entrepreneurial; in response to determining that the first individual is more likely than average to be entrepreneurial, add identifying information of the first student to a second database of potential entrepreneurs.
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