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3d Structures And Methods Therefor
WARF: P180366US01

Inventors: Gregory Nellis, Jake Boxleitner, Thomas Mulholland

The Invention
Aspects of the disclosure are directed to methods and/or apparatuses involving one or more of a conductive polymer, deposition of a conductive polymer and 3D (three-dimensional) printing of a continuous bead of material. As may be implemented in accordance with one or more embodiments characterized herein, a 3D structure is formed as follows. A stacked layer is formed by depositing a continuous bead of material along an uninterrupted path that defines a first layer of the 3D structure. A sidewall of the 3D structure is formed with opposing surfaces respectively defined by successive stacked layers of the 3D structure by, for each stacked layer (including the first layer), depositing the continuous bead of material along the path and with a surface thereof in contact with a surface of the continuous bead of material of an adjacent one of the stacked layers.
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