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Diagnostics Biomarkers
Toilet, Testing and Monitoring Systems
WARF: P200202WO01

Inventors: Joshua Coon, Michael Westphall, Ian Miller, Lloyd Smith, Keaton Mertz

The Invention
Systems for monitoring metabolites may include a sample collection system and a urinalysis system of or for a toilet.  The sample collection system may be automated to collect sample urine from a toilet or toilet area, transport the sample to the urinalysis system, and/or the sample urine for analysis at a later time or after analysis by the urinalysis system.  The urinalysis system may be automated by proactively providing test material on which a subject may provide a urine sample.  Once the urine sample has been provided the urinalysis system may provide the test material to an analyzer for analysis.  Results of the analysis of the test material and sample urine may be provided to a mobile device of the subject and/or a remote server.  The urinalysis system may provide a urine sample to a mass spectrometry unit for analysis.  
Additional Information
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