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Career Development System
WARF: P96113US

Inventors: Roger Lambert, Frances Breit, Kevin Shelley, David Caulum

The Invention
The Career Development System includes Career Visions, CareerWAYS and CareerTEAM, multimedia career development programs which contain data, graphics, visuals, sound, text, curriculum, information, processes and structures which are designed to assist students, adults, teachers, counselors, administrators, and others in developing and delivering career information planning and education.

Career Visions assists students and adults in career exploration and decision-making. It provides state-of-the-art interface, including colorful, informative graphics, Quick Time movies, and audio-visual instruction to career information exploration and decision-making. A wealth of data on occupations, programs of study, education institutions, and Tech Prep & Youth Apprenticeship programs is instantly converted into information as students interact with Career Visions.

CareerWAYS teaches students and adults to develop a career plan that is consistent with their interests, skills, preferences, and aptitudes by helping them develop and maintain their own computerized portfolio. Students and adults keep continuous records as they work, developing a career plan that gradually evolves as they assess and reassess their experiences. The program helps students and adults relate these experiences to the planning process.

CareerTEAM provides institutional, community, and family support for career development. It is a computerized curriculum planner designed to help schools infuse career development programming into K-12 classrooms. Using CareerTEAM, curriculum coordinators or guidance directors can assess their current programs with respect to developmental guidance education for employment, SCANS, and/or other competency measures. Users may retrieve over 400 lesson plans and 200 activities specific to subject areas for classroom use, and can efficiently audit their district's programs.

The print materials provide classroom and staff development through workbooks, teaching activities, career planners and portfolios, reference materials, games and training resources, such as models, action plans, and implementation guides.
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