WARF: P140266US01

Database Engine for Faster Analytics


Jignesh Patel, Yinan Li

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in developing a highly denormalized database structure that enables faster query processing.
OVERVIEWGiven the ever increasing amount of “big data” available, new analysis and processing tools are needed to fully leverage it. Big data is challenging to manage, requiring sophisticated mechanisms and parallel processing.

One problem is that many existing systems use algorithms designed for older hardware models. As hardware continues to upgrade, new software methods are needed to keep pace.
THE INVENTIONUW–Madison researchers have developed “Widetable,” a query processing method that provides a faster and more efficient means for scanning data across multiple tables.

The method accelerates queries by denormalizing multiple tables of a relational database into a smaller number of “wide row” tables using an outer join function. Such denormalization substantially increases the amount of data that must be stored to represent the database. While this might be expected to slow scan rates, speed is gained by eliminating other time-consuming operations.
  • Software package
  • Database management
  • Tenfold query speedup
  • Better scalability
  • Can run on many core machines
STAGE OF DEVELOPMENTPromising simulations have been conducted using the industry standard benchmark.
Contact Information
For current licensing status, please contact Emily Bauer at or 608-960-9842.
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