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Seeking submissions - deadline extended to May 6

WARF is dedicating resources and a portion of its Accelerator funds to inspire and advance technologies poised to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The $100K fund is designed to speed the development of prototypes and other highly deployable concepts that can be commercialized or implemented in 6-12 months.

Eligibility & Criteria
  • Project team must include a Principal Investigator (PI) at UW-Madison or the Morgridge Institute for Research
  • Completed Invention Disclosure Report + brief description of funding request and development plans
  • Impact, relevance and speed of deployment
  • A patent is not a prerequisite
Project Types
Projects in a wide variety of applications are encouraged. Examples include:
  • Devices to protect health care workers
  • Sanitation improvements
  • Data analysis solutions
  • Research tools
  • And more!
UW-Madison or Morgridge Institute for Research PIs and their teams are encouraged to submit an Invention Disclosure Report to WARF by May 6, 2020. Funding and development plans can be included in the message field if you submit the IDR through the website or can be emailed directly to your IPM along with the IDR.

Please contact Beth Werner, Director of IP, Life Sciences, with questions.

FAQ on UW/WARF COVID-19 Accelerator Challenge

Q1. Are there specific ideas or areas (such as personal protective wear, diagnostic applications, etc.) that this program is intending to support?
A1. All ideas that can be developed for the market within 6-12 months are welcome. Our goal with this program is to support technologies that help reduce the spread of the virus, protect essential workers, offer sanitation improvements or offer tools to advance solutions and that can be commercialized or implemented in an accelerated time frame.

Q2. What is NOT a good fit for this program?
A2. Ideas that are not likely to be developed and available for market within 12 months are not the best fit for this program. However, if you have ideas that fall within this scope, we are still interested in hearing from you. Please contact Beth Werner at bwerner@warf.org or (608) 960-9856.

Q3. I am affiliated with UW-Madison as a student and/or staff member and have an idea, but I am not working with a specific lab or Principal Investigator (PI) on campus. The guidelines say I am to work with a PI to disclose the idea. How can I submit my idea?
A3. Please contact Beth Werner at bwerner@warf.org or (608) 960-9856.

Q4. The program provides an opportunity to apply for funding. How much am I able to apply for through this fund to advance my idea? What must the money be used for?
A4. Consider the amount you need to start developing the idea. Feel free to submit the request with that amount and a brief description of how the funds will be used. Typically, funds will be used for proof-of-concept, prototyping or initial manufacturing of the technologies. These funds are not designed to cover the entire cost of bringing your idea to market. We will be happy to discuss this with you as part of your application. Please contact Beth Werner at bwerner@warf.org or (608) 960-9856.

Q5. Does my idea have to be part of another project or funded in some other form before submitting it to the program?
A5. No.

Q6. How long will it take for me to learn if my idea is accepted into the program?
A6. Applications are encouraged through May 6 and it is our intent to be in touch with all applicants within the month of May.

Q7. Who can I call or email for more information?
A7. Beth Werner at bwerner@warf.org or (608) 960-9856.