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WARF Entrepreneurons Series

The series to take if taking an idea to market is on your mind.

Entrepreneurons Event Archive

2018 Events

Navigating Conflicts of Interest:
What Faculty, Student and Staff Entrepreneurs Need to Know

How does starting a company affect sponsored research, consulting arrangements, student commitments, reporting requirements and more? On April 10, Sam Leinweber and Stephanie LeRoy from the UW–Madison Office of Research Policy and Integrity weighed in on managing conflicting interests.

Starting Up on a Decentralized Campus:
Top 10 Challenges

Not sure when, where or how to begin? On March 20, WARF's Justin Anderson moderated a panel with local experts Anne Smith, Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic; Michael Williams, Business Clinic; David Ertl, D2P; and Melissa Turczyn, Michael Best, on your role, entity formation, raising money, creating a business plan, when to think about intellectual property and more.

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Defining the Market Opportunity:
Assumption Storming and Reframing the Box

What is an “addressable market?” On February 28, keynote speaker Gordon Nameni, August Brown; moderator Dan Olzsewski, UW–Madison School of Business; Michelle Somes-Booher, Wisconsin Small Business Development Center; and Asim Khan, ZYN, shared their expertise on the basics of market sizing and determining the “addressable market” through basis and relational data analysis. Participants learned how to uncover new market opportunities and develop innovations based on structured ideation.

Startup Serendipity and Strategy:
Seizing Opportunities, Navigating Troubles

So you want to start a company? Keynote speaker Laura Gómez, Atipica; moderator Idella Yamben, Center for Technology Commercialization; Laura Strong, Propagate Health; Denise Ney, UW–Madison; and Andrea Dlugos, Wisconsin Investment Partners, kicked off a semester-long look at what opportunities make good startups, when to take the plunge, how to take the first steps, who to bring along and how to pay for it all.