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Force for Positive Change

JumpStart Auto Repair

JumpStart is a full-service auto repair shop co-owned by Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services (CADASI) in Oshkosh and Harbor House Domestic Abuse Services (HHDAP) in Appleton. JumpStart services are available to the general public at a full market rate. Twenty-five percent of profits from full-rate services support low- and no-cost repairs to survivors referred by HHDAP and CADASI. The idea for JumpStart is directly inspired by survivors of domestic abuse. Over the years, our agencies have heard countless stories from survivors who struggled as they worked to achieve self-sufficiency because their vehicles needed repairs. Securing safe, reliable transportation means access to opportunity - jobs, school, child care, community resources and safety from an abuser.

We have true social innovation with a powerful double bottom line – a profitable business addressing a need in the marketplace that pours profits into ensuring access to opportunity for survivors of domestic abuse. Women make up more than 65% of customers who take their vehicles to auto repair shops, but one of the top reasons women don’t return to a shop is because they didn’t like how they were treated. JumpStart is committed to empowering women with knowledge and confidence as they care for their vehicles. Best of all, proceeds provide low- and no-cost auto repairs to survivors of domestic violence. JumpStart is also proving to be a new point of entry for survivors in need of support. A number of survivors who reached out directly to JumpStart have been referred to the agencies.

JumpStart officially opened in January 2017 as a pilot program at Fox Valley Technical College’s Auto Lab. Operating just 2-3 days a week the pilot proved successful and the business was ready to scale by June 2018. With the help of grant funds, the business purchased a stand-alone facility and has been operating at 896 S. Commercial St. in Neenah,Wisconsi,n since that time.

When visiting JumpStart, guests will meet the staff of JumpStart, learn more about what we call our “purple carpet”experience, our customer retention rates, how we are helping survivors get back on the road safely and our future plans.


Riverview Gardens

Riverview Gardens® is a nonprofit organization in Appleton, Wisconsin, with a mission to build dignity through job training and employment. We believe in the dignity of hard work and allowing people to be part of their own solution. This project engages the entire community in addressing the root causes of unemployment, poverty and homelessness through hard work, creativity and human dignity.

Riverview Gardens approaches its vision with the core concept that all people have value and can contribute to the community where they live. There is dignity in work, and work can be transformative. We emphasize serving without judgment to:

  • Empower people to build work skills and strong work histories;
  • Offer work experience and life skills training;
  • Provide meaningful activity for socially isolated individuals; and
  • Change the community’s perceptions of people in need.

Founded in 1898, Riverview Country Club and golf course was Wisconsin’s oldest private country club and an Appleton institution until its closing in 2011. Purchased in December 2011, Riverview Gardens’ founders saw the beautiful, prominent property as an opportunity to address critical community needs in a completely new way. Riverview Gardens is the collaborative transformation of a 72-acre golf course and related country club. This transformation addresses serious regional challenges, including unemployment, homelessness and poverty.

Since 2012, Riverview Gardens founders, staff and thousands of community volunteers have come together to transform the property into 72 Acres With A Mission. Riverview Gardens has created interactive social enterprises that provide unlimited job-training opportunities with sources of revenue, as well as an accessible, community park space. Riverview Gardens impacts hundreds of lives each year.

Riverview Gardens’ five social enterprises are the mission muscle for our non-profit mission to provide job training for people in need. Reusing existing resources on the former golf course and country club, we offer five different social enterprise businesses where job-training participants can receive real “on the job” training that they can use immediately upon graduation from ServiceWorks. The social enterprises are varied enough in the types of work they offer participants such that individuals with a variety of interests and abilities can participate, and include: (1) certified-organic urban farm on former golf course fairways; (2) hydroponics greenhouse built over country club pool (only known hydroponics operation over former pool in U.S); (3) event and park space at former country club building and golf course fairways; (4) maintenance contracts for other non-profit organizations; (5) donated downtown Appleton building converted into collaborative and creative space to serve the mission. Work is a great venue for the motivation for lifelong learning. The work is customized and open-ended to allow people to start succeeding immediately. We have a triple “bottom line”: unlimited work for ServiceWorks® participants; source of revenue for financial stability and opportunity for the community to engage as mentors.

Riverview Gardens is unique among organizations serving people with barriers to stable employment. Addressing the basic needs and self-sufficiency of our marginalized community members is not only the right thing to do, but it enhances the vibrancy and accessibility of our community. There is dignity in work. It helps people stabilize, gain self-confidence and get them back on their feet. Finding and retaining employment may be the most important factor in reducing recidivism for previously incarcerated persons. We provide valuable transferable work skills in a trauma-informed, no fail setting that allows participants to work on building healthy workplace relationships.



TitletownTech is a one-of-a-kind partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft Corp. aimed at boosting economic expansion by bringing world-class digital innovations and expertise to Greater Green Bay.

Three components will drive TitletownTech:

  • An innovation lab, focused on creating new ventures: where entrepreneurs and established regional businesses can engage to develop ideas, explore disruptive new business models and next-generation technology solutions;
  • A venture studio, focused on building ventures: where new and emerging business models and scalable industry solutions are developed into stand-alone startup ventures; and
  • A venture fund, focused on funding and investing in high-growth startups aligned with industries in Northeastern Wisconsin that will bring opportunity to the region.