Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Meet the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s
Weiping Tang
Professor of Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy


Research area Drug discovery—developing new therapeutics for the treatment of human illnesses such as cancer, infectious diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

What excites you about your work? 

“I am always excited to see how molecules designed by us modulate the function of proteins and other macromolecules in cells, especially those with potential applications for the development of therapeutics to treat human diseases.”

What do you hope to achieve? 

“Some of our work will lead to new tools for other researchers to use, and some of our work may eventually lead to new therapeutics. As a researcher and innovator, I hope to contribute to the development of new drug discovery methods that can accelerate the drug development process and make it more efficient. This could include the development of new strategies, platforms and modalities.

Weiping has a great deal of expertise in protein-targeted degraders as well as lysosomal-targeted degraders. We expect these two modalities will be the future of new therapeutics to treat currently untreatable diseases.

– Rafael Diaz, WARF, Licensing Manager

Want to learn more?

Rafael Diaz, [email protected], 608.960.9847