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Recognizing High Potential Disclosures

Innovation Award Trophy

Each fall the WARF Innovation Awards recognize some of the best inventions at UW-Madison.

WARF receives hundreds of new invention disclosures each year. Of these disclosures, the WARF Innovation Award finalists are considered exceptional in the following criteria:


  • Has potential for high long-term impact
  • Presents an exciting solution to a known important problem
  • Could produce broad benefits for humankind

Each of the two Innovation Award winners receive $10,000, split among UW inventors.

See the 2023 winning teams!

2023 WARF Innovation Award Finalists

Protein Has Potential to Promote Heart Tissue Renewal and Regeneration | Watch Video

  • Ahmed Mahmoud (Cell and Regenerative Biology)
  • Timothy Kamp (Medicine)
  • Youngsook Lee (Cell and Regenerative Biology)

New Therapeutic for Glioblastoma, the Most Lethal Form of Brain Cancer | Watch Video

  • Mahua Dey (Neurological Surgery)
  • Jacques Galipeau (Medicine)

Eavesdropping on Insects to Better Protect Crops from Infestations | Watch Video

  • Emily Bick (Entomology)

Novel Alloy Better Protects Jets at High Speeds, Temperature | Watch Video

  • Dan Thoma (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Michael Niezgoda (Materials Science and Engineering)

Enhanced Valley Splitting in Silicon-Based Quantum Hardware | Watch Video

  • Benjamin Woods (Physics)
  • Mark Friesen (Physics)
  • Mark Eriksson (Physics)
  • Robert Joynt (Physics)
  • Emily Joseph (Physics)

Synthetic Peptide Could Lead to Powerful New Drug to Treat Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity | Watch Video

  • Samuel Gellman (Chemistry)
  • Kyle Brown (Chemistry)
  • Rylie Morris (Chemistry)

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2022 WARF Innovation Award Finalists

Innovative New Diagnostic Test for Sjögren’s Syndrome | Watch Video

  • Sara McCoy (Medicine)
  • Miriam Shelef (Medicine)
  • Michael Newton (Biostatistics & Medical Informatics)
  • Zihao Zheng (Statistics)

Making Telecommunications More Affordable | Watch Video

  • Victor Brar (Physics)
  • Seyoon Kim (Physics)

Testing the Strength of Soft Materials | Watch Video

  • Melih Eriten (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Corinne Henak (Mechanical Engineering)

Supercharging Photosynthesis to Increase Carbon Storage, Aromatics Production | Watch Video

  • Hiroshi Maeda (Botany)
  • Ryo Yokoyama (Botany)
  • Marcos Vinicius Viana de Oliveira (Botany)

New, Lightweight Material to Protect Against Bullets and Other High-Speed Impacts | Watch Video

  • Ramathasan Thevamaran (Engineering Physics)
  • Jizhe Cai (Engineering Physics)

Detecting High Cholesterol in Kids to Prevent Future Cardiac Disease | Watch Video

  • Mei Baker (Pediatrics)
  • Brian Conti (Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene)

See the 2021 winning teams!

2021 WARF Innovation Award Finalists

Terahertz Imaging System for Global Security | Watch Video

  • Jiamian Hu (Materials Science & Engineering)
  • Shihao Zhuang (Materials Science & Engineering)

Making Spectroscopy Accessible to All | Watch Video

  • Mikhail Kats (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Yuzhe Xiao (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Chenghao Wan (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Jad Salman (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Green Synthesis of Bio-Based Polyurethanes and Polyesters | Watch Video

  • George Huber (Chemical & Biological Engineering)
  • Hochan Chang (Chemical & Biological Engineering)
  • James Dumesic (Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Enhanced Probiotic Delivery to Treat Intestinal Disorder | Watch Video

  • Quanyin Hu (School of Pharmacy)
  • Jun Liu (School of Pharmacy)

Indoor Sound Shaping Based on Broadband Metamaterial Reflector | Watch Video

  • Chu Ma (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Nanoparticle to Render Tumors More Susceptible to Treatment | Watch Video

  • Shaoqin Gong (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Zachary Morris (Human Oncology)
  • Ying Zhang (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Raghava Sriramaneni (Human Oncology)

See the 2020 winning teams!

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2020 WARF Innovation Award Finalists

Bridging Biology and Electronics for “Hybrid” Biosensing | Watch Video

  • Bhuvana Krishnaswamy (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Megan McClean (Biomedical Engineering)

High-Energy Plasma Generator for Medical Isotope Production, Nuclear Waste Disposal & Power Generation | Watch Video

  • Cary Forest (Physics)
  • Jay Anderson (Physics)
  • John Wallace (Physics)
  • Robert Harvey (CompX)
  • Yuri Petrov (CompX)

Killer Combination: Multicell Conjugates for Activating Antigen-Specific T Cell Responses | Watch Video

  • Jenny Gumperz (Medical Microbiology & Immunology)
  • Dana Baiu (Medical Microbiology & Immunology)

Superior Neural Tissue Models for Disease Modeling, Drug Development and More | Watch Video

  • Randolph Ashton (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Gavin Knight (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Benjamin Knudsen (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Nisha Iyer (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Carlos Marti-Figueroa (Biomedical Engineering)

First Molecular Sleep Test Based on Epigenetic Discovery | Watch Video

  • David Plante (Psychiatry)
  • Reid Alisch (Neurological Surgery)

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration Using Alkaline Industrial Wastes | Watch Video

  • Bu Wang (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Raghavendra Ragipani (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

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