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About Essential Topics

If you’re a UW-Madison researcher (faculty, staff or student) with a cool idea that could make a difference in the world, you might be wondering how to turn it into a reality. That’s where WARF comes in. We’re here to help protect, develop and commercialize your discoveries. We have a series of videos called WARF Essential Topics that will show you how we work with you and the university to make your ideas happen.

In these videos, you’ll meet some of our awesome staff who will explain different aspects of technology transfer, which is the process of moving research from the lab to the market. You’ll learn how to disclose your idea to us, how we decide which ideas to patent, how we can support you with funding and mentoring, and how we can help you launch a startup if that’s your goal.

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Introduction to WARF Essential Topics What Is Technology Transfer?
Disclosing Your Idea to WARF Understanding the WARF Innovation Disclosure Form
How WARF Determines What to Patent Innovation Funding – WARF Accelerator
Creating a Startup. Working with WARF Ventures WARF Therapeutics – Investing in Drug Discovery

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Meet some of our intellectual property and licensing managers and directors and strategic priority staff, or contact us. We love hearing about your cool science, and it’s never too early to talk to us about your innovations.