The first step in our proven technology patenting process is submitting your Innovation Disclosure. Use this easy Innovation Disclosure Submission and in about 10-15 minutes you can advance your innovative solution one step further toward benefiting the world.

Use the checkbox in the upper right corner of the form to save your progress and resume later. Choosing this option will email you a hyperlink to the form which can be shared with other innovators to collaboratively complete the submission. Note that the disclosure should be edited one at a time to avoid overwrites.

Publicly disclosing before consulting WARF could affect your IP rights. It is never too early to contact WARF with questions. Use our FAQs to learn more about disclosing.

The WARF Intellectual Property team is here to help. Feel free to contact your Intellectual Property Manager or Brian Frushour at [email protected] or 608.960.9871 if you have questions.

UW-Madison Innovation Disclosure

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