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Research Making a Difference

WARF Essential Topics: Stories of Innovation | 12.8.20

WARF Innovation Day 2020

Crossroads of Ideas: COVID-19 Edition, Part 3 | 5.20.20

Crossroads of Ideas: COVID-19 Edition, Part 2 | 4.30.20

Crossroads of Ideas: COVID-19 Edition, Part 1 | 4.14.20

Doug Stafford: Peripheral GABAA Receptor Modulation Targeting Inflammatory Disease of Smooth Muscle

Gokul Gopalakrishnan: Customized Nanomembrane Sieves

Katie Gold: Aerial Potato Disease Detection with Hyperspectral Systems

Guelay Bilen-Rosas: Novel Respiratory Monitoring

Margaret Lumley: New Electrochemical Desalination Strategies

Sofia Erazo-Castrejon: Production of a Plant Hemoglobin and Its Use in Meat Substitutes

Platform for High-Throughput Analysis of Microbial Interactions

One-Step Process to Generate Lignin-Derived Aromatics from Raw Biomass

Simplified Optical Traps for Quantum Computing

App for Stratifying Autism Spectrum Disorders

Improved Extraction and Preservation of Pathogen-Free Maize Germplasm

Power-Saving, Data-Transmitting System for Wireless Remote Sensing

Breath to Breath: Drs. Guelay Bilen-Rosas and Humberto Rosas

WARF Innovation Awards: Recognizing Top Disclosures from the Year!