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WARF Ventures Portfolio

WARF Venture Startup Portfolio Stats

WARF holds equity in more than 30 of these companies, and more than 50 are located in Wisconsin. Some of these companies have achieved IPO status as publicly traded companies and have been acquired by large, well-established companies, such as Roche, Johnson & Johnson and Hologic.

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AIQ Solutions home

AIQ Solutions Inc.

Artificial intelligence to evaluate treatment response in complex diseases

Atrility Medical home

Atrility Medical

Device to improve atrial arrhythmia diagnosis


Human neural cells for discovery and therapy

C-motive home

C-Motive Technologies

The world's lightest, most powerful non-rare earth electric motors and non-contact power transfer devices

Co-D Therapeutics home

Co-D Therapeutics Inc.

Innovative cancer drug development



Utilizes the power of quantum physics to build computer hardware and software with potential capabilities beyond traditional computing

DateChat home

DataChat Inc.

Conversational intelligence platform

Elucent Medical home

Elucent Medical

Innovative surgical navigation tool for tumor excision

Flue Gen home

FluGen Inc.

Influenza vaccines

Galilei BioSciences home

Galilei BioSciences Inc.

Developing sirtuin drugs

Gregor Diagnostics home

Gregor Diagnostics Inc.

Screening and determination of the aggressiveness of prostate cancer

Health Myne home

HealthMyne Inc.

Integrated software solutions for radiomics enabled clinical management and clinical trials

Hubble Therapeutics LLC

Gene therapy for pediatric patients with a retinal blinding disease

Immuto Scientific

Contract research organization providing analytical research services for drug discovery

Isomark home

Isomark LLC

Breath-based biomarkers that provide an early, pre-symptomatic warning of a developing severe infection

Leo Cancer Care/Asto CT

Stand-up CT scanner and radiotherapy system that reduces the cost of radiotherapy and improves cancer patient outcomes through upright positioning

LÜM home


(Live Undiscovered Music), a music streaming platform dedicated to helping listeners discover and support new artists

Lynx Bio home

Lynx Biosciences

Personalized cancer treatments to patients

Madison Vaccines home

Madison Vaccines Inc.

DNA vaccines intended to treat prostate cancer at crucial stages in the disease

OnLume home


Medical device for precise fluorescence image-guided surgery

Pan Genome Systems home

Pan Genome Systems Inc.

Vaccines and diagnostics to fight animal and human infectious diseases

Promiss Diagnostics home

PROMISS Diagnostics Inc.

Globally accessible, non-invasive and precise diagnostic test for ovarian cancer


Produces a renewable, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to an oil-based chemical (1,5-pentanediol) found in everyday materials including paint, nylon and other plastics

Silatronix home

Silatronix Inc.

Organosilicon compounds for energy storage devices, especially electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries

Simple Machines home

SimpleMachines Inc.

Composable compute platform that accelerates the abilities of artificial intelligence and machine-learning

Stemina Biomarker Discovery home

Stemina Biomarker Discovery

Metabolomic technologies to understand cell biology in both health and disease

Sustain Holdings home

Stuart Therapeutics

Improved drug delivery using collagen mimetic peptides

WIN Therapeutics home

WIN Therapeutics

Seeking to discover and develop a bispecific antibody therapuetic for the treatment of neuroblastoma


Alfa Light home


Reliable, rugged and efficient laser and electro-optical systems for defense and security applications

CDI home

Cellular Dynamics International

Fully functioning human cells in industrial quantities IPO preceded acquisition Acquired by Fujifilm in 2015

Gala Design logo

Gala Design Inc.

Pharmaceuticals and biotech company focused on pharmaceutical preparations business

NeuWave Medical home

NeuWave Medical

Fast, minimally invasive and highly effective soft tissue ablation system Acquired by Ethicon in 2016

NimbleGen home

NimbleGen Inc.

DNA microarrays, consumables and instruments Acquired by Roche in 2007

Stratatech home

Stratatech Corporation

Skin regeneration and repair products for therapeutic use Acquired by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in 2016

Study Blue home


Online studying platform for high school and college students

Third Wave Technologies home

Third Wave Technologies

Molecular diagnostics for DNA and RNA analysis applications Acquired by Hologic in 2008

Tissue Regeneration Systems home

Tissue Regeneration Systems

Skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration technology

TomoTherapy home


Precise cancer treatment system IPO preceded acquisition Acquired by Accuray in 2011

Virent home

Virent Inc.

Platform that converts soluble biomass-derived sugars into gasoline, diesel and more Acquired by TESORO in 2016