Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Meet the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s
David Plante
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
School of Medicine & Public Health 


Research area Applied research at the intersections of sleep medicine and psychiatry, with a specific emphasis on disorders of excessive daytime sleepiness and/or sleep duration (i.e., hypersomnolence).

What excites you about your work? 

“Every day, I am excited to be a clinician-scientist working at the nexus of scientific discovery and patient care. This is a bidirectional and collaborative process in which patients provide insights into their disorders, and our collaborative research team applies emerging biological techniques and novel treatments to ultimately improve their care. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of this translational process and positively impact the lives of others.”

What do you hope to achieve? 

“The broader goal of my research is to identify causes of unexplained hypersomnolence and novel ways to treat these problems. I ultimately aim to improve the sleep health and quality of life for persons with sleep disorders.

Reid Alisch and David have collaborated to uncover how DNA methylation plays a role in sleep – something so fundamental to human health. Their complementary expertise makes this an exciting project with great potential.

– Jennifer Gottwald, WARF, Director of Licensing

Want to learn more?

Jennifer Gottwald, [email protected], 608.960.9854