WARF Therapeutics


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Deadline for spring project review: April 15;
board review date is May 18.

Moving Translational Research Toward Patients

Mission: To partner with UW-Madison and Morgridge Institute for Research Principal Investigators (PIs) interested in translational research, invest to discover & develop novel drug-like molecules that modulate validated targets and improve human disease, and partner with Bio-centric companies to develop and commercialize

Bridging the Gap Between UW Discoveries and Pharma

UW-Madison and MIR PIs

Target Discovery

  • Novel Biological Target
  • Therapeutic Hypothesis
  • Rigorous Target Validation

WARF Therapeutics

Preclinical Drug Discovery

  • Preclinical Drug Discovery Experts
  • Project Management
  • Novel Intellectual Property (IP)

Virtual Laboratory

  • HTS, Fragment or Virtual Screening
  • Small Molecule Design & Optimization
  • In vivo PK/PD, Efficacy, Toxicology

Pharma, Biotech or Venture Capital Partners

Drug Development

  • IND Tox
  • Clinical Studies
  • NDA

WARF Therapeutics has built a virtual drug discovery laboratory through strategic partnerships with Sanford Burnham Prebys and contract research organizations.

Perks for WARF Therapeutics Researchers

WARF is committed to this strategic initiative that partners with PIs from UW-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. This partnership and investment will move validated targets to a high value developed chemical asset accompanied by a compelling preclinical data package.

  • Improve the value proposition of drug candidates to heighten the likelihood of commercialization
  • Potential for NIH grant funding (near-term) and inventor or innovator shares (long-term) if licensed
  • Ultimately deliver novel medicines to patients with unmet medical needs
  • Continue UW’s legacy of drug discovery innovation

For business questions, contact John Nagel or Rafael Diaz. If you are a PI interested in submitting your work to the program or talking through next steps, contact Jon Young. You do not need to have a patent, we are interested in talking with you about a new target early in your process.