Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Methods And Compositions For On-Demand Release Of Cio2 Gas From Uv-Activated Chlorite Ion
WARF: P150239US03

Inventors: Nicholas Abbott, Rishabh Jain, Kevin Nelson, David Busche, David Lynn

The Invention
Compositions and methods for generating ClO2 gas are disclosed. A composition that includes a chlorite salt is activated by exposure to ultraviolet light. After an optional storage period, the composition is then exposed to moisture, resulting in the generation of ClO2 gas. Exemplary compositions include polymers in which the chlorite salt is dispersed. The polymers may be used to form films that can be used to package, e.g., food products, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and/or laboratory devices. Upon exposure to ultraviolet light and moisture, the packaging releases controlled quantities of ClO2 gas, which may disinfect and/or deodorize the packaged device or product.
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